Meet Sara, Taffi’s Stylist.

Classy, timeless, and elegant. If those words sparked an ardent curiosity for fashion in you, and your potential makeover is already being visualized in your head right now, we would like to introduce to you your unique best friend at Taffi, Sara Yassin.  Sara was born in the lavish city of Riyadh and she was raised in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. An IS graduate whose drive and passion for the fashion industry ignited her self-learning journey in styling. She started by attending online workshops in the field, then created her own Instagram page and blog, which is how we found her and succeeded in winning her as a team member stylist at Taffi. 

Welcoming a stylist to our team like Sara, who has an experience in the field of more than five years and is devoted in her career to fashion -and looking pretty - was a tremendous added value to our clients and us, joining Taffi was a great added value to her, too. For how it enhanced her real-life experience in fashion to another level. "To take part in this new experience in styling services in our country that is the first of its kind" Sara describes Taffi as a business opportunity. "I got to know many different talented stylists, which raised and increased my knowledge in this field."  We love having Sara because she does it for fun too. She likes experimenting with art and design in her free time, such as drawing, painting ,fashion design, and interior design. And that is the spirit we love to have in our team, as she inspires all of us to take fashion and art as a lifestyle rather than just a career path. Sara's strength as a stylist lies in her timeless taste and careful purchasing. She succeeds at recycling pieces at the right time and for the right reasons. "I became aware of the fashion market's needs after dealing with many personalities and understanding the shortage and need,"Sara adds. Furthermore, she expresses her thankfulness for having built strong relationships with all individuals in the fashion field, from designers to editors and others.  Speaking about clients, Sara enjoys clients of all sorts and personalities. Her open heart and genuine interest in people help her build these connections that satisfy and last evermore. She values clients she can work with and think outside the box by having fun experimenting and building trust in the process.  Clients who lean more towards modest and culturally inspired wear will find a safe space with Sara. "Our culture has had a significant influence on me in styling. by creating elegant and modest styles and looks." says Sara, "I have excellent knowledge and understanding of what suits me as a person and what fits my clients' needs so that they show up in the most elegant and unforgettable looks that make them feel their best."  Also, those who aim for a magical makeover and wardrobe change will have the best experience with Sara because she is all about that. " I am all about handling makeover clients because it gives us this unlimited space to try and err until we find the right direction in an ongoing fun journey that we bond in." Sara says, "I treasure the feeling of joy in the clients' satisfaction when switching to a more suitable look and style umbrella curated for them, that makes them feel their best and authentic." best believe, that doesn't mean that you should hesitate in contacting her for an occasional look or styling session because she will surprise you with her thorough understanding and efficient delivery.  Sara's efficiency and work ethic led her to deliver the best results and styling experiences and overcome bumps in the road in her fashion career. she tells us about her initiatives in making styling services more affordable and accessible to people of various income levels by trying actively to reduce costs to make this fun experience inclusive. "I tried several times to reduce the budget to very narrow limits and create a fabulous look as it is known for my styles." Her efforts in making fashion more accessible exceed the budget issues. She tackled a broader level by pioneering in making the industry of fashion styling more familiar and recognized by the general people and experts in the field through blogging and running her Instagram page.  Now that you've got this far with your interest in getting to know our stylist, Sara Yassin, you are clearly big-time intrigued. And we get it. She is truly inspiring, lovely, and hardworking. So, guess what, you can say hi to her on a one-to-one any time soon at your earliest convenience. Show up as you are, and she will embrace you from head to toe. All that is left to do is book your session here