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Discover Taffi, the platform that empowers retailers to seamlessly deliver a personalized online shopping experience to consumers. Unlock the same in-store experience, now accessible online, anytime and anywhere.

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Skyrocket your sales, boost loyalty, & reduce returns using Al-powered personalized styling.

Taffi StyleGenie™connects users to expert fashion stylists who offer personalized styling advice and product recommendations, powered by state-of-the-art AI technology.
• Consumers can connect with personal stylists and style experts whilst navigating your website or application
• Access to personalized styles and products
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Our Benefits
Add the Taffi Style Platform: Watch the Magic Happen
AI-Powered Recommendations
Amira uses advanced AI technology to provide personalized fashion advice and shoppable moodboards based on your customers’ preferences and occasions.
On-Demand Fashion Expertise
With insights and continuous training from over 150 Middle Eastern stylists’, Amira taps into a wealth of fashion expertise to offer tailored suggestions considering local and cultural preferences.
Personalized Precision
Analyzing physical attributes, lifestyle, and style preferences, Amira ensures every recommendation aligns perfectly with your customers’ unique needs.

Our Features

Add Amira to Your Website and Watch the Magic Happen

Boost conversion

Boost conversion by providing personalized fashion advice from expert stylists.

Raise AOV

Raise AOV with personalized complete looks using products from your store.

Reduce Returns

Reduce returns with product recommendations matching users' style profile.

Drive sales

Drive sales by recommending products that complements users' existing wardrobe.

Seamless Integration

Integrate with all popular ecommerce platforms


Seamlessly integrate Taffi with Shopify, delivering a visually appealing and personalized shopping experience for your customers. Effortlessly showcase products, provide recommendations, and enhance engagement within the familiar Shopify platform.

Custom Integration

Integrate our customizable Taffi widget into your e-commerce platform for a personalized and seamless shopping experience. Enhance customer engagement, boost conversions, and match your brand's style and functionality effortlessly.

Taffi StylePro™
for Stylists & Personal Shoppers.

• AI-powered style assistant
• Access to full-fledged consumer profiles
• Access to thousands of luxury products from within the app
• WYSIWYG Canvas to create shoppable styles
• Communicate with consumers
• Actionable analytics
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Recommended Items


Total Stylists


Higher Order Value


Higher Conversion Rate


Recommended Items


Total Stylists


Styles Created


Higher Conversion Rate

Success Stories

The Impact of Taffi on Our Customer's Stores

Incredible Experience

Super easy to integrate with our e-shop.
Have already seen a growth in our website visitors .
Would highly recommend to any brands looking to add more visibility and content for their fashion products!
Rula Galayini
CEO, Rula Galayini, UAE

Transformative Impact

Within the first month of integrating the product, we saw a remarkable achievement – our conversions doubled. The process was simple and easy, aligning perfectly with our commitment to finding innovative ways to create the best personalized experience for our clients. Taffi emerged as the solution we were seeking, revolutionizing our approach to customer engagement and boosting our overall success.
New York

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