Our vision is to elevate confidence, celebrate uniqueness and facilitate delightful fashion experiences

Our Mission

We are here to empower you to express yourself and help you reach your goals,
whether that's refreshing your style for the season, dressing for your new job, concealing body imperfections, building a smart wardrobe, or finding that yellow dress you saw at yesterday's tea party.

All by making luxurious, convenient styling services accessible to you.

At Taffi, you let us know a little bit about yourself, and our expert stylists – with the help of some fancy tools – curate your personalized outfits from a variety of local and international brands
to ship them right to your doorstep.

Tafayette Origin

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The Founders

Shahad Geoffrey
Co - Founder & CEO
Shahad is an entrepreneur, passionate about elevating women's creativity and confidence.
She is an advocate for business women, and leadership enthusiast.
Dio Chen
Co - Founder & CPO
Dio is a product strategist and product design leader passionate about building exceptional experiences for customers and the relationship between technology and fashion.
Why Taffi?

The name Taffi is an abbreviation of Taaffeite,
a wondrous gemstone belonging among the rarest in the world.

It holds deep meaning and properties to
boost inner power, create cycles of luck, and enhance glamour.

 Like Taaffeite, we believe our customer’s individual styles should reflect their
inner beauty and uniqueness.

Colors: purple, greenish, pink, sapphire, violet and red

Location:  Found in Sri Lanka and Tanzania

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