Meet Muza, Taffi’s Lead Stylist

It. cannot. Get. Any. Better. A libra leading the stylists' team is one significant flex for a fashion and styling service provider. Even if you don't believe in zodiac signs and think it's irrelevant, you cannot miss what we can tell you about all things Libras. Which is the zodiac sign of Muza, the lead stylist of Taffi.

Libras are fashionable by nature. They have this immense passion for mere beauty, self-expression, freedom, and aesthetics. They tend to be more creative than the average person, be it in art, singing, fashion, or even their lifestyle. They are a walking esthetic embracer and attention magnet.

Now, we are not gonna tell you the story of Muza just based on her zodiac sign. Of course, she is more than just that. Muza Alkaabi is an inspiring 28 years old leading and supervising Taffi's stylist team from the fanciest and most luxurious country, the United Arab Emirates, in the heart of Al Ain city.  


After graduating from the English language and literature college, her passion and love for fashion drove her to enroll in the University of the Arts in London for fashion and styling courses. She started with a pink childhood notebook where she used to sketch her fashion designs and outfit plans all the way to a well-established career in styling services with taffi, Muza describes her memorable experience: "I've always been in love with fashion since my childhood. I remember drawing and designing dresses in my small pink notebook as a kid and putting my outfit together. I was planning what I would wear on my vacation trips!".

Being a mixed kid, Saudi Arabian from her father's side and Emaraty from her mother's, the diverse cultures resulted in her style in a fun, colorful, and vibrant feel. "Our traditional wear in the UAE has special characteristics among the gulf countries. It's full of life and colors, and most importantly, it's known for its authenticity. Living around these very authentic pieces hugely impacted the development of my sense of style and fashion." Muza describes her experience with the effect of culture on her fashion taste. She also adds, "I'm always looking for the authenticity in pieces I choose for myself and my clients; in fact, this makes me a sustainable fashion advocate!"

Muza is a remarkable stylist to us. Becuase she succeeds in adapting any type of style with high and noticeable capacity. she inspires the team with her enthusiasm toward sustainable fashion, including vintage finds. She portrays her strength as a stylist and fashion designer in her love for the constant exploration of self, fashion brands, and styles. From high-end to exclusive local brands, Muza knows it all, and she's got the hot tea of the industry. Ask, and you shall sip and spil.

Clients love Muza because she interacts with them the way old friends interact. It is truly a space full of acceptance, familiarity, and love. We asked Muza why clients should choose you? her answer was as simple as "if they want to add some sparks to their outfits, then they know who to call." Such confidence is contiguous and radiates the energy of a dreamy and daring adventure with her in the styling journey.

Speaking about adventures, Muza faced lots of them in working with Taffi. Because let's get real, maintaining a full-time job in the fashion industry as a leader is no joke because it is accompanied by many obstacles, responsibilities, and lessons. One of the challenges Muza faced was when she started to get slowly into the men's fashion world to be able to take male clients in. Muza says, "Starting in styling men was very challenging for me. I just started recently, as a matter of fact." She adds, "But I think I'm doing great, and there's always a potential to grow and expand as a stylist." indeed, the growth that happens when pressure is embraced is what we learn from Muza on a daily basis.

Taffi is delighted to have Muza becuase she is one of the oldest stylists on our team. what makes us even happier is that she finds various added values to her being with us. She remembers her first days with us and states: "I have believed in Taffi since day one. I was even one of the first stylists who joined Taffi in 2020." She also adds her thoughts on the business; "We really needed to include tech with fashion more as consumers are leaning towards online shopping nowadays, especially after the pandemic. Exploring the potential of merging fashion and technology was an exciting topic, and it's great seeing it happen in real life with Taffi. It's the first of its kind in the region."

The catch here is that: Muza is closer to you than you think. This vibrant personality and radiant bold charm is one click away. Book your 1:1 session with Muza now through this link and step into the new era of you.