Maha, Taffi’s bundle of positivity & fun

"Like mother, like daughter" is a phrase we witness in real life with our stylist admin, Maha Mansour. Born and raised in Riyadh, Maha's passion for fashion was sparked at a very young age. It started with her occasional trips to the local tailor's store with her mother, whom she describes as "her forever fashion icon."

As a kid, Maha loved those visits from beginning to ending as much as she loved the process of making and tailoring the piece itself from a-z. she watched ever so curiously as the tailors were designing, talking to the clients, taking measurements, cutting fabrics, and sewing and so on. It all hooked Maha, the kid, into pursuing the styling career and manifesting the position she holds right now at Taffi.  

"My mom played a big part in my learning journey with fashion. She's the most fashionable person I know, and when I was a kid, she always took me shopping or let me be part of the fun tailoring visits."  Maha tells us about her mother and adds, "My fashion icon is my mom, and she will always be my number one in this -  my mom saw the potential, and she always encouraged me to do more in the fashion field, and supported me all the way through."

Maha studied business administration. she expresses that she holds lots of love for business and entrepreneurship. "Fun fact: I love business and anything related to business. The same thing goes for fashion!" beside fashion and business; she practices interior design. As you are reading right now, she's cooking and planning her project in the interior design business, too. She adds, "One of my hobbies is gathering the people I love and having fun with them. I don't know if we can consider it a hobby, but I'm a fun, positive person, so I appreciate my fun time with the people I love." Someone as diverse and balanced as maha can only show you that the passion for fashion is a lifestyle, and nurturing it can get you a long way in your career.

At Taffi, we are proud and brag about the environment we provide and maintain in our internal work environment and team culture. For instance, being supportive and down to earth is one of our top selling points when haunting or choosing a potential team member. So when we found her, Maha showed us right from the bat precisely that. She took a huge part as a stylist admin, which means she was responsible mainly for conducting the training sessions for the new stylists with a positive and fun attitude, just as she described herself. "Having this opportunity to be part of this excellent fashion company is one of a kind, especially in Saudi Arabia. I believe Taffi is the leading company in this field, and I'm so grateful to be part of that."

We are so happy about Maha's quality of work and professionalism. And when we asked her for her part of the story and experience in working with Taffi, she said: "I was the one doing the training sessions for the new stylists. So I managed to connect with almost all of our stylists before becoming a stylist admin." she adds "it was a pleasure to have friends who share the same beliefs and thoughts with you. It's truthfully amazing, like I can't describe it." - "Before I became a Stylist Admin, I was always happy to help them whenever they asked me. When I became a stylist admin, I tried my best to do more and more for this great community of stylists that I take pride in working with."

As for Maha's styling mood and feel, she describes it as bold but classy, elegant, and spotlight worthy. Her strength as a stylist lies in her love for learning and research. As she justifies, "they are the key for me in everything. Especially as a stylist, I must be aware of everything that comes up in the fashion industry."

She also portrays strength in her love for challenges. Maha is always up for challenges, such as low-budget styling projects. "I would say dealing with low budgets is the most challenging yet fun task, and with Taffi, I learned more and more about how to deal with that issue."

Our Fun and Positive Maha is more than happy to assist you with your seasonal wardrobe and occasional makeover looks. After all, this is what she does for inspiration and a breather. So best believe, your journey with her will be full of positivity, fun, and bonding. "I Love to try new fun things, and I love giving my clients expert advice when they have any questions regarding the styling." she says, "there's nothing that I love more than a satisfied client."

Book your one-to-one session with her now, and let the fun begin!