Get to know Khaled, Taffi’s stylist

Khaled Ahmed is our very own male stylist. He was born in Saudi Arabia and succeeded in finding his way in the styling career by constantly striving for recognition and a place to belong to in the local fashion industry until he found Taffi and began living the dream.

We believe in the power of passionate self-learning. And like most of our stylists, Khaled didn't major in fashion or go to fancy fashion schools. Instead, he studied management and supply chain, then topped that knowledge by working hard on himself and started learning and researching online about the art of styling, to finally having his dream job a well-earned reality.

Tv and advertising were Khaled's first call of urgency to do something about the styling scene in our local community. He believed that people could use a little bit of improvement and guidance in their styles and the way they dress. And this is how the culture impacted the start of his journey in fashion.

"they always wear our traditional clothes poorly," Khaled says, in referral to tv personas, and adds, "they should start paying more attention to such details, and this, of course, would cost them lots of money to get a stylist who would upgrade their overall look. and to be frank, this culture made me see things differently and even realize how important it is to have a stylist."

Before joining taffi, he spent his free time between writing and reading, practicing sports like long walks and endless mall shopping marathon sessions. Later on, he started joining independent editorial projects and conceptual photoshoots as a creative director, stylist, and fashion blogger. He spent a lot of time in the consultancy business in which he prepared big individuals in the fashion and business scene with their seasonal wardrobe and their yes's and no's in fashion brands and designers' collabs, putting in mind the protection of their reputation and public image.

"To get out of my comfort zone," Khaled comments on why he joined the Taffi team," and get more experience styling people with different styles, sizes, and body shapes." he adds, "I learned a lot from Taffi, as I said before, and now I can work on any style without worrying. because everything we see is teamwork, and I highly appreciate my team." Ask us where you'd often find Khaled, and we will tell you "out of his comfort zone. experimenting and having fun chasing growth nonstop."

After joining Taffi, we couldn't help but get inspired by his uniqueness and free spirit. We learned that there is nothing more beautiful than being yourself. He also teaches us resilience every day. Khaled's favorite animal is water bears, he explains and says, "because they survived five mass extinctions. And us, as humans, should believe that hard times shall pass and we will survive the obstacles no matter what." We truly treasure a source of inspiration and positive vibes like him in our team.

Khaled describes his strength as a stylist in three words: knowledge, comprehensiveness, and experimentalism. He tells us about a time when he styled a client who's very big on veganism and eco-friendliness. Out of respect to her values and lifestyle, he managed to style her in high-end and eco-friendly brands only. He satisfied her fashionable and ethical taste and delivered exactly what she wanted, all in a knowledgable, comprehensive sense. And a positive experimental attitude.

Of course, those strengths helped him get a long way with his client satisfaction rate. Still, there were many obstacles that contributed to the personal and career-wise growth of Khaled. For example: During his current journey with Taffi, he faced a lot of picky and hard-to-please clients. Sometimes he would get his whole proposal refused or rejected; other times, the clients change their vision at the last minute, but all of those incidents were no biggy against Khaled's resilience, patience, and pure devotion to client satisfaction. Fun fact: he makes a lot of close friends out of his picky beloved clients. And this is how he overcomes work-related obstacles.

Clients of Khaled's liking are, primarily, as he describes: "open to trying new things, full of youth, modern and flexible." those people bring him a lot of inspiration and give him the freeing space that helps him let all his creativity out, as he adds "I seek inspiration from people faces and spirits. And I try to understand their human story before understanding their fashion needs so I can dress them just as they desire for the occasion."

Khaled is truly ahead of his time, creative and artistic to the core. You cannot miss a styling session with him where freedom of expression and authenticity are highly promoted and encouraged. Undress the fears of your soul and book your one-to-one with him now!