Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tafayette?

Tafayette is a digital styling service offering personalized shopping experience based upon your preferences.

How do I use Tafayette?

Sign up

To register, visit Tafayette.com homepage and click "Sign Up". After you have registered we will contact you over email and WhatsApp where we will get to know you and learn about your styling preferences. 


After filling the styling quiz or speaking with our expert stylists, we will create outfits personalized to your preferences.


After you have reviewed your styles and ready to receive your taffy box, fill out your shipping address and add your credit card information (We request a pre-authorization on on your card just to ensure that there are sufficient funds to complete the transaction). We will send your outfits to your address and you can try them in the comfort of your home.


After placing your order please allow for approximately one week for your outfits to be sent to you. Once you have received your outfits try them on in your home and decide which items you would like to keep. Whatever you don’t want to keep just rebox, and use our attached shipping label to return. You will have 1 day to decide what to keep after receiving your order.


While trying your outfits on, send your Stylist photos of your outfits to get expert feedback. Also telling us what you liked, didn’t like and why helps your Stylist know what to send in future deliveries.

We encourage you to invite your close friends and family to Tafayette community to be able to share with them your outfits. Additionally, If you create and share a video describing your experience with Tafayette, we will add a 15% discount to your next Taffy box! 

Who can use Tafayette?

Tafayette is currently only serving women, though we are on track to grow and serve men.

How much does Tafayette cost?

Our Styling fee range between 200 - 250 SR (non-refundable) depending on your styling package

Taffy boxes are within your budget. We start arranging outfits with 1,000 SR., and during our phone call/ styling quiz, we ensure to offer a variety of prices to personalize items to your set range.

We will only charge you for the clothing items you decide to keep. If you decide to returns all items in the box then the shipping fees will be applied. The charge on your credit card will be made at the time you finish your try on period and charge on your debit card will be instant. If you buy the whole Taffy box, the styling fee will automatically be applied as credit for your future orders.

Where is Tafayette Available?

Tafayette is currently offering services only in Jeddah and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We are soon expanding to other cities and MENA region. 

Have Additional Questions? 

Contact us at: Email@tafayette.com

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